Resilient Agriculture



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Resilient Agriculture

In response to climate change in the Himalayas, we are supporting installation of polyhouses and low cost water tanks to promote off-season vegetable growing to improve livelihood strategies of communities. With the aim of preventing soil erosion from agricultural fields and to improve crop-production, embankments have been installed on the riverbeds.
Workshops and training programmes and exposure tours for youth on fisheries, beekeeping, horticulture, vegetable growing and fruit processing have been organised.

Under competitive grants component of National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) supported by Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, ICAR (CRIDA) Hyderabad with funding from Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India a project was jointly awarded to ourselves, Doon University Dehradun and GBPIHED (Srinagar, Garhwal) in September 2011. The study covered issues of community perceptions about climate change, explored health of the village ecosystems leading to the concept of resilience index. Several activities were also carried out with communities.

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