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Knitting and Sewing

During local meetings in the villages of Ukhimath area after the June 2013 disaster, many women showed interest in weaving and learning the use of a knitting machine also. We discussed their demand with a HGVS, a local village group and decided to purchase six knitting machines for the area. The first training programme on knitting machines started in April 2014 in which 20 women got training at HGVS, Ukhimath. After completing training of two months duration, three of them were selected as trainers. More training programme on knitting machines were organised in the villages, with the help of these new trainers. Six training programmes had been completed till February 2015 in which 90 women got training. Out of these, 12 women have purchased a knitting machine with their own money. They have adopted knitting as a part-time profession, to augment their income.

HGVS has bought five more knitting machines in 2014-15, with three of these machines bought from the proceeds of the fruit processing unit and this has become a continuing process.

Tailoring programme of 3 to 6 months duration have been organised for adolescent girls and women in Ganai Gangoli, Pawwadhar (district Pithoragarh) and Danya (district Almora).