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We started working on smokeless chulhas (stoves) in the 1990s. These chulhas are energy efficient and emit no smoke, therefore they are good for health and environment. Smokeless chulhas were installed in a few villages (Ratirkethi, Jaintikethi in Bageshwar district) as a demonstration. A method of making a smokeless chulha has been popularised in the ‘Our Land Our Life’ workbook introduced by us in schools.

The environment education course ‘Our land Our Life’ emphasises management and sustainable use of natural resources (forests, water, fodder etc.)

Solar lanterns have been distributed as a relief measure in the villages of Ukhimath development block (Rudraprayag district), that were affected during the Kedarnath disaster of June 2013. These lanterns have also been distributed in a remote village Kimu, near Shama (district Bageshwar), that did not have electricity.

So far, limited work has been done on alternative energy, but there is a definite and great need for more with the current challenge of climate change and local sustainability issues, which, to be adequately addressed, require more resources.