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Tree plantation in village common land and tree nurseries for rehabilitation of the village support areas (uncultivated lands), which we call Eco-Works, is a popular activity. Small grants are given by us to village organizations (NGOs, Mahila Mangal Dals, Yuva Mangal Dals) and schools for this purpose.

To start with, tree nurseries in the villages are promoted to ensure an adequate local supply of saplings required for afforestation.

Under our guidance, many village communities have banned or restricted the traditional practice of free grazing of cattle, to ensure the protection of the plantation sites. Since the active participation of the local village community is a strong feature of all these Eco-Works, the nurseries and afforestation are carefully protected by them. Provision of stone wall/ barbed wire fence have also been done in some places.

Native broad leaved species (Baanj-Tyuni-Oak, Utees, Bhimal, Kharik etc.), not commercial, but important locally for fodder, manure and helpful in soil and water conservation, have been selected and all decisions regarding the species to be planted and the selection of land are taken by the village community.