Water Management


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Water Management

Scarcity of drinking water has been a cause of particular concern to most mountain communities in Uttarakhand. Over the years, we have taken up several projects to improve the availability of water in mountain villages.

Renovation of traditional sources eg mountain springs (naula/dhara) has been carried out under the leadership of women’s groups. Construction of chal-khal and jal talain (rain-water harvesting percolation trenches) has proved extremely beneficial for communities. The direct, immediate benefit has been the increased availability of surface water and a rise in water-table leading to recharge of springs and water sources.

Another initiative in the area of water conservation has been the planting of broad leaved trees around the trenches. Contour bunds to prevent soil erosion have also been constructed.

Regulatory systems for water use have been introduced in villages where conflicts over water were common. Villages where a few influential people were taking a disproportionately large share depriving others, have also benefitted from decisions taken in village meetings and rules made by women’s groups that secure an equitable right of everyone to water.

Low cost polythene lined water tanks have been constructed in villages where shortage of water is common, especially during the summer season. Water stored in these tanks is used for domestic purposes, irrigation and fish culture.