Water Management


Preventive Health Care and Education


The need for latrines (privies) to improve sanitation and convenience has been increasing rapidly as a result of campaigns mounted by CBOs and women's groups supported by us.

The support for these programmes consists of a promotional communication plan and provision of small grants for the purchase of building materials, the actual construction work being the responsibility of the beneficiary household itself. Often, the members of the women’s groups and the CBOs help each other install latrines in villages. This support is also extended to widows, deserted women, female headed households, single women and elderly people in the village who have limited resources and need help in installing latrines. For example women help each other in collecting construction material (stones, sand etc.) locally and in digging pits. The usefulness of these latrines is so manifest, that in many villages families are constructing them on their own with no assistance at all. So far, about 10,000 latrines have been installed in over 500 villages with our support.

In the beginning of the programme about 120 latrines were installed in government schools and villages as demonstration sites. This was to raise awareness and educate parents and children about the need of sanitation facility at home, as in some remote villages people had not even seen a latrine and it was considered an unhygienic, ‘dirty place’. The programme linked provision of sanitation with cleanliness and health. Availability of water for hygiene and to keep the facility clean was a major issue addressed.