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Sandhya Kendra (Evening Centres)

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Sandhya Kendra (Evening Centres)

The sandhya-kendras aim at physical, mental and emotional development of children in the 6-11 year age-group. The vision is to create a space that nurtures the mind, body and spirit.

The curriculum developed by us incorporates activities that help develop and strengthen the bodies, nurture the minds and promote its abilities of observing, imagining, thinking, reasoning and enquiry and also lay the foundation for a healthy and mature emotional life.

The children come to the centre after school hours in the evening. Activities such as games (both indoor and outdoor), reading books, drawing and painting, storytelling, discussions and debates on various issues including local environmental issues are included.

The Sandhya Kendra programme has been implemented in four clusters spread over three districts of Uttarakhand and is now merging with the village library and community learning centres programme.