Balwadis (Pre-School Centres)

Environmental Education in Schools

Gram Pustakalaya (Village Libraries)

Sandhya Kendra (Evening Centres)

Computer Literacy

Kishori Shikshan (Adolescent Education)

Women’s literacy and education

Preventive Health Care and Education

Gram Shikshan Kendra (Community Learning Centres)

Kishori Shikshan (Adolescent Education)

This programme, meant especially for girls, is for the age group 11-20 years, focusing mainly on life-skills and gender equality. Groups of adolescent girls are formed, which participate in workshops on different issues relevant to their lives and to the village. Programmes have also been initiated in government schools in cooperation with the teachers and principals.

These programmes focus on developing an understanding of issues like self-development, emotions, gender and caste, challenges faced by adolescent girls, violence against girls and women, dowry laws, the government’s Right to Information-RTI provisions, role of community cooperation and cohesion. Also, girls are encouraged to improve their educational status. Drop-out girls are encouraged to re-enrol themselves in schools and efforts are made to ensure that all girls attend and continue schooling.

Uttarakhand Mein Kishori Shikshan; Ek Jhalak’ (2014) VIDEO